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Premier Audio Visual Can Help You

Full service audio visual engineering/installation

Premier Audio Visual Specializes in video displays, pro-audio sound systems, conference room systems and surveillance for our commercial clients in the greater Philadelphia area. We also specialize in TV’s, home theater, smart homes and surveillance for our residential clients.

Premier Audio Visual is a partnership with over 25 years of combined experience in the AV design and installation business. Our philosophy is to go the extra mile for every client – a “whatever it takes” approach and pride ourselves in providing top-notch solutions and client support. You will be 100% satisfied with your results once installation and training are completed, from the clean look of the installation to the ease of use. Let us serve you with our vast knowledge of the industry & all the latest in technology.

We hope to work with you shortly and thanks for considering Premier Audio Visual.

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Commercial AV

Full spectrum of expert AV consulting services

We are CTS Certified and offer audio & video design and installation services for Schools, Office Spaces, Board Rooms, Meeting Spaces, Sports Bars, Restaurants, Retail, Hospitality, Medical, Fitness Centers, Car Dealers, etc. Some of the equipment categories we offer are pro monitors, direct view displays, video walls, digital signage, interactive displays, projectors, screens, speakers, amplifiers, PA systems, microphones, sound masking, surveillance cameras, etc. If it’s technology related, we most likely offer it.

Home Media

Bring the sound of movies into your home

We offer Home Media Services for installation of TV’s on-wall, over fireplaces, outdoors, garages, etc., as well as surround sound installations in non-dedicated theater rooms, such as family room, living room, game room, and man caves. We also can build dedicated Home Theater Media Rooms with stadium seating, lighting, drapes, sound treatment, movie posters, popcorn makers – the works. Finally, we offer installation of multi-room music systems that distribute your favorite music via a streaming music service such as Pandora throughout your home and control it all via your smartphone or tablet.

Smart Home Automation

Control of your entire home

The Smart Home Revolution is now upon us. Take control of your home from anywhere in the world by using your mobile device. A home automation system can make your home more energy efficient, while allowing you to control individual systems, such as thermostats, shades, lighting and surveillance cameras, all on one Smart Home app or in-wall touchpad. By the year 2022, the average US household will have over 300 smart devices in their home and 8 out of 10 people that experience a Smart Home System would strongly consider purchasing a Smart Home on their next purchase. We are looking to partner with only 1 to 2 developers to help them separate themselves from the competition.


Security at your finger tips

Surveillance is essential in keeping your family, valuables and even your business safe from criminal activity, theft or false accident claims by recording everything on your property. Access your cameras and playback footage from anywhere in the world on your smart mobile device or laptop. We offer 2, 4, 8 & 16 indoor & outdoor HD camera systems, with up to 2TB of hard drive space for recording. Unlike Comcast & Verizon, we do not charge endless monthly fees with our service. One-time fee only.

Network Installation

Achieve better coverage or speeds

In 2019, if your Wi-Fi isn't up to the challenge, movie night will be a non-starter. We can help. We offer premium upgraded wireless networks. We find most networks installed by ISP’s, such as Comcast, or Verizon do not achieve the coverage or speeds for today’s high-tech home or office, especially in large scale settings. We offer professional grade systems that can handle any size Home or Business.

(215) 431-5201

542 N. Lewis Rd.
Limerick, Pa 19468